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At ID®, we believe a good picture is worth more than 1000 words. We are therefore pleased that you use our images in your sales and marketing activities.

You can download images from the product pages or using Download Manager. Images can be downloaded free of charge in either case, and may only be used in accordance with the current Danish Marketing Act regarding the publication of images.

All ID® images available in Download Manager may be used in normal advertising. ‘Normal advertising’ means advertising in catalogues and on websites. If you wish to use the images in other contexts, please contact Customer Support on: +45 9749 2144.



It is important that you keep up to date about which images you can use in your marketing. Images that no longer appear on may not be used due to copyright rules. Any infringement is at your own risk. These rules apply to model and product images only.

You have the option to choose between two different image formats in the ‘Download Manager’: JPG and TIFF

If you would like more information about our images or if you are unsure about the usage of them, please contact our customer service via email or telephone: + 45 9749 2144. Besides packs and product images, you will also find line drawings and promotional images in our ‘Download Manager’ and on

Download manager


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